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From: Henry Brackett
To: Ann Wright, Jim Kach, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Ann Lane, Megan Turnbull, Krista Butts
Subject: Re: RTK Requests

Thanks for the legal advice.
 Question: If I have an email sent to one or two board member only; Why should I
assume that my email went out by the reciever of such email to more board members thus
making a quorum?  Would not that email that was forwarding my email to more members
of the board reaching a quorum be the one email that meets the criteria (sent to a quorum
of the Boarde) to turn over to the RTK requester.
Your logic makes me think that I am responsible for the individual action of all board
members.  Am I??
What emails did you sent to this request that only between one or two board members
with the thought by you that it could be forwarded to a quorum of the board?  Many?  A
couple samples would help me see you logic.