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From: Ann Wright
To: Henry Brackett, Jim Kach, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Ann Lane, Megan Turnbull, Krista Butts
Subject: Re: RTK Requests

Hi Henry,
You are welcome, although I was not giving legal advice.  I was reiterating what Diane
Gorrow already said, if you read her letter to Howard (I know it was forwarded to you,
and, I believe the entire board).  If I sent an email to you asking if we should have Joe
Smith as our interim Superintendent.  You then forwarded that email to Jocelyn to see
what she thought.  Maybe I also forwarded it to Krista, too.  None of us knew a quorum
was involved, but in the end a quorum of board members did see the email.  In cases
like this, when the subject matter is "interim superintendents" I just sent all the emails I
had on that subject, whether they went to all board members or to one board member.
I will let the laywers sort out which ones should be included in the RTK request.
Enjoy your weekend.