Email 2011-06-24 12:01

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From: Ann Wright
To: Henry Brackett, Ann Lane, Jim Kach, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Krista Butts, Megan Turnbull
Subject: RTK Requests

Dear Fellow Board Members,

I hope you are all taking the RTK requests that have come in as seriously as I am.  As you
know, the district has five days to comply.  Wendy, please correct me if I am wrong, but
the board has to supply any emails sent or received that have to do with a) hiring an
interim superintendent, b) any emails that have any reference to non-meetings
(beginning January 1, 2011), including any non-meetings referencing hiring any lawyers,
c) buying out the superintendent d) hiring of lawyers or consultants to facilitate the
buyout out of the supt. .

Print out any relevant emails and give them to Wendy.  The Right to Know legislation is
very strict in NH and gives the people a great deal of leeway in their "right to know". As*REDACTED*
*REDACTED*.  Please make copies of all correspondence, even if it is only
to one or two other people.  You may not know that another board member forwarded
that email and it was thus seen by a quorum.  Also, *REDACTED*

I have already turned my emails in, and in many of these emails all of us were copied.  I
certainly hope this board will be in full compliance with all RTK requests within the five
day period.

Thank you.