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From: Rhoades Alderson
To: Megan Turnbull
Subject: RE: Op/Ed and article today - further guidance requested

Thank you for the update.  These situations are really tough.  Just no
getting around it, and I feel for all of you.  If it's any consolation,
this is not at all uncommon and was to be expected.  They're seizing on the
transparency issue, but it just as easily could havve been competency or
personal vendetta or any number of things.  That's not to say that we
shouldn't think about managing the transparency issue, just that the real
issue is anger from the old gaurd and worry among others.

In my judgement, there's no dispelling the anger of the old guard any time
soon.  An effort to that end would be wasted energy.  The best use of your
time is to assure the silent majority that you care and that there is a
bright future for ORCSD.  Here are some of the ways we've talked about
doing that:

- Having a consistent message: preserving the legacy of excellence at
ORCSD for new and different times
- Engagement with press.  We'll do the interview preparation most likely
Monday (I'll respond to the other email).  We should discuss a plan for
regular engagement throughout the summer.
- Changing the story from the departure of Colter to the search for the
new superintendent by feeding regular updates to the public and the media.
- You talked about doing a community forum at some point.  Let's think
about doing that right before next school year.  It can represent a fresh
start for everyone and it's an opportunity to lay out the fiscal and
administrqtive issues you've inherited and to build a vision going

Thoughts on managing fallout from the meeting:

- The most important thing to recognize is that this was expected.  It just
feels terrible while it's actually happening.  Stick to the plan of looking
forward.  The best way to assure folks who are worried is to show
competence and responsibility moving forward.
- If I'm reading things right and if memory serves, the cost details will
come out in 13 days.  If people are speculating an outsized number now,
then that actually benefits you when the real one comes out and is
significantly below people's expectations.
- Continue to reach out to friends and others.  The best thing you can
offer is assurance that you care and that you believe in a very bright
future for the district.  the feeling they get from you will be more
important than any datapoint you can offer.

Rhoades Alderson