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From: Megan Turnbull
To: Rhoades Alderson, Henry Brackett, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Arthur "Skip" Handson
Subject: Op/Ed and article today - further guidance requested

Hi Rhoades,

Here is a damaging Op/Ed for the board in the paper today:

Also, here is an article.  I am concerned that the superintendent alluded
to knowing this was being worked on for over a month.  This is damaging to
the board

The fact is the agreement is not effective until June 20, after the seven
day period.  Also, we cannot divulge anything about it.  This is tough.
Also folks have a complete misunderstanding of the cost.  The cost is well
below the figures being thrown around (est. $185K including attorney

I was called by a reporter and did call back.  I said simply that I can
only read statements from our joint press release.  Henry did the same and
forwarded the release itself to the papers.

Any guidance on how to handle any of this?  I expect there may be more
negative editorials, but perhaps we can ask fiendlies to write positive

As a mini-PR campaign, I am trying to reach out to folks whom I know
personally and have expressed concerns about the board's actions.  I am
telling them that the entire board has changed and that in order to do the
good work we want to do (e.g., strategic plan, long range goals, setting
up key performance indicators, etc.), change is inevitable.

I have also come to an important realization.  Many people did not follow
the school board in the past and were not aware of the severe problems in
the district.  Those of us who knew, ran for board and/or supported
candidates who understood these issues.  So, for many, it is a true shock
and surprise.  We need to address this point in our disucssions with the
press and others in the community.

On a positive note, I have received many thanks as well for our actions.