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From: Jocelyn O'Quinn
To: Henry Brackett, Krista Butts, Jim Kach, Ann Lane, Megan Turnbull, Ann Wright
Subject: Re: A motion tomorrow

Good Morning Everyone,

First, a reminder that we cannot deliberate via email so board members should not begin a discussion about
agenda items tonight [15 June 2011].

Second, I want to caution board members against making derogatory comments or accusations about one
another or our actions.  Let's remember that we work together to debate issues and make decisions, not attack
each other personally or speculate about each other's motives.  I feel the statement below about a specific board
member is inaccurate and unfairly characterizes a previous discussion.  And sadly, this is not the first email to a
quorum or public board discussion where I have seen a board member attacked by another board member.

This has to stop, let's take a deep breath and conduct ourselves in a respectful manner tonight regardless of our
disagreements about various topics or motions on the table.

Disagreement is fine and expected in any governing body, however personal attacks do not have a place at the
table and are not conducive to the decision making process. Instead they serve to distract us from the real issues
at hand (the children of the district), and in the worst case personal attacks intimidate board members and stifle
important debate and conversation.