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From: Ann Wright
To: Henry Brackett, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Krista Butts, Jim Kach, Ann Lane, Megan Turnbull
Subject: A motion tomorrow

This is merely a "heads up".

I am going to make a motion tomorrow night [15 June 2011] after Henry makes the announcement regarding Howard, and
the steps the SB is taking to hire an interim superintendent.  The motion will be to have a public interview of
the final candidates followed by a nonpublic deliberation and vote.  I am doing this because according to
policy BBAA (Individual members), "No legal action can be taken except at a duly posted meeting of the board
and by a quorum acting as a unit".  Our vote last night [13 June 2011] at the non-meeting to hold nonpublic interviews of the
finalists was not a legal vote (Kim should have let us know this).  It will also be good to include Krista in this

Again, this highlights why it is important to do things in the open.  I don't know about any of you, but one issue
I ran on was transparency, and I wasn't just paying lip service when I spoke about it.  I feel very strongly in the
public's right to know - even things that might make us look bad or make us feel uncomfortable.  Hiding things
(such as Megan suggested, having the PR firm bill under the Great Schools Project, drawing attention
away from what their true purpose really is) makes this board look even worse.

Sleep well tonight.