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From: Megan Turnbull
To: Arthur "Skip" Hanson, Henry Brackett, Kim Memmesheimer
Subject: Attorney-Client Privilege Information - Conference Call Billing


I have approval from Henry to move forward with the hourly rate for
now.  However, we ask that Rhoades' firm needs follow the outlined
instructions for billing.

Send the bill in "care of" our law firm.  The Invoice can be directed
to ORCSD (Oyster River Cooperative School District) but sent to:

Kimberly J.H. Memmesheimer, Esquire
Hoefle, Phoenix, Gormley & Roberts, P.A.
402 State Street - P.O. Box 4480
Portsmouth, NH 03802-4480

Thank you for facilitating this on our behalf.  I hope we can chat to
follow up afterwards. Perhaps late Sunday morning/early afternoon?  Let
me know what may work well for you.

Best Regards,