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From: Krista Butts
To: Ann Wright, Megan Turnbull, Jim Kach, Henry Brackett, Howard Colter
Subject: RE: Policy Committee


I was under the assumption that we were going to elect the positions onto the committees tomorrow night.  We did
have a policy committee meeting scheduled for Friday at 2:00pm.  If it is not possible for that election to occur
tomorrow then I guess we will have to psotpone our meeting.  We have not had a policy committee meeting since
December and have a lot to do.  As you can see by the attached agenda, (which was posted yesterday) we are
slated to discuss the charge by the communications committee and policies that we left off with.  Wendy and I are
in the process of reviewing any state revisions that we were waiting for staff feedback on.  I will expect a
recommendation on this meeting and the committee positions tomorrow at the board meeting.  Thanks.