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From: Ann Wright
To: Krista Butts, Megan Turnbull, Jim Kach, Henry Brackett, Howard Colter
Subject: Policy Committee

I don't know if you will have a policy committee meeting prior to actually being elected
to the policy committee, but as I know you feel strongly about following policy
strictly (as was evident at the last Board meeting!), my sense is that you will probably
wait until after the 30th.  Regardless, I do want to remind you (Krista might be the only
one on the policy committee to know this), that it was a Board goal in 2009 to
systematically review all of our policies, moving through section by section until
complete.  This project was meant to be completed this past year, and will (hopefully!)
be finished soon.  Obviously the committee needs to prioritize the state mandated
policies and those recommended by the NHSBA.

I did note on the meeting agenda that the policy committee is set to discuss the
communications policies.  As this was a recommendation by the communications
committee I certainly hope you gather input from them before moving forward.

Bets of luck!