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From: Ann Wright
To: Ann Lane, Henry Brackett, Jim Kach, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Krista Butts, Megan Turnbull, Meredith Nadeau, Wendy DiFruscio
Subject: Board attorney


Yesterday you referred to the "Board's lawyer" during our meeting.  I have no
recollection of the board voting on having an attorney except for the one you appointed
to handle the settlement agreement.  According to policy BDG, "The board may, at its
discretion, appoint an attorney to perform desired legal services."  However, if the
board does choose to hire an attorney to perform desired legal services, this should be
voted on by the entire board, not decideed by the Chair alone.

I certainly hope, as Chair, you are not making independent decisions for the board as a
whole.  Perhaps this can be discussed at one of our future public board meetings.

Thank you,