Email 2011-06-20 23:57

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From: Megan Trunbull
To: Henry Brackett
Subject: Comments about RTK requests

Hi Henry,

I know we didn't get to finish our conversation...just be sure to state that any disclosures
related to the separation agreement must be approved by our lawyer.  As a result, we need
Wendy to give you:

1) The actual right to know request(s)
2) Correspondences and documents to be disclosed per the request(s)
3) Timeframe of request(s)

Once Wendy provides this information, we can take it to our lawyer for guidance about
what is public versus confidential.

One concern is that we are elapsing the timeframe to respond to the requests.  We need to
be sure we are meeting RTK timeframe requirements without violating any disclosure of

I hope this helps!