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From: Ann Wright
To: Henry Brackett, Ann Lane, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Jim Kach, Krista Butts, Megan Turnbull
Subject: What is going on?

I think you owe us all an explanation why information regarding the amount of Howard's
separation and the vote itself cannot be released until the 30th.  As you know this
information is in the nonpublic minutes which were not sealed and can not be sealed
because they do not fall under any of the the legal reasons to seal them.

This is not another instance where we can hide behind the RTK law or protection of non
public.  This is a judgement call.  I think the public deserves to know how their money is
being used.  If any of us were "on the outside" we would demand the same
transparency from the school board.

Please explain to us what is going on and is this your decision? Ann