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From: Krista Butts
To: Henry Brackett, Ann Wright

Henry and Ann,

I just had a conversation with Barrett Christina at the NHSBA regarding best
practices in hiring a Interim Superintendant in a situation as ours.  He said that it
is completely within best practice and certainly common practice to have a
subcommittee do brief "interviews" of candidates initially and then bring forward
two or three candidates to the full board to interview for the position.  He said in
some districts this subcommittee is set up of entirely representative board
members, and in some instances it is board members and a staff member or two.
He said in our particular case it would make sense for it to either be three board
members or three board members and our BA since we do not have an assistant
superintendant.  Regarding the final interviews for the interim superintendant, it
is best practice and is almost always the case that the final interviews are done in
public and the deliberation is done in non-public.  I can continue to call other
districts for additional best practices, but I do not know which districts presented
a situation exactly like ours and in this particular instance we could get a more
immediate and tailored to our indiviudal circumstances from the NHSBA.

Again,  I will not be at the meeting this evening [13 June 2011], but I will have my cell phone with
me.  If you feel there is something that I need to weight in on you may call me and I
will step out of my meeting and try to do that.  I am in favor of the above process
and do believe that we must follow best practices to get this done.  If it takes an
extra week or two to finalize the final position then so be it.  Barrett felt we
could get this done quickly and correctly with a proper procedure.