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From: Howard Colter
To: Henry Brackett, Ann Wright

Hi Henry and Ann -

*REDACTED*[Lyonel Tracy] called me today as a courtesy, and to ask, "What the heck is going on
in Oyster River?" *REDACTED*[He] has apparently been in communication with you, Henry.  *REDACTED*[Lyonel]
explained that the school board wants to know if *REDACTED*[he] is interested in serving as your
interim superintendent.  *REDACTED*[Lyonel] told me that *REDACTED*[he] is too busy with *REDACTED*[his] work in
Washington, D.C. to take this job on, but *REDACTED*[he] might be able to help the school board
find an interim superintendent, provided that future meetings are posted and open to
the public.

I understand that *REDACTED*[Lyonel] has been invited to meet with Henry and perhaps other
school board members tomorrow, 6/14, at the Durham Police Department.  *REDACTED*[Lyonel]
asked if Henry is a reserve officer with the DPD. I responded that I do not believe
Henry has a formal relationship with the local police department.