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From: Ann Wright
To: Henry Brackett, Wendy DiFruscio, Howaard Colter, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Jim Kach, Megan Turnbull, Frista Butts, Ann Lane
Subject: RTK Request

Dear Fellow Board Members,

The RTK request was for the meeting between the search committee (Henry, Ann Lane, myself and Howard) and
the teachers that the full board requested at our meeting on May 25.  It was NOT for the meeting between Henry,
Laura and the Student Senate.  I have forwarded several emails to Wendy that were sent and/or rec'd regarding this
topic (none, I believe among a quorum of the board) for her to determine whether or not they fall under the RTK
law.  As her origingal email stated, we should send her any emails we sent or rec'd on this topic, and she will compile
them and determine if they are public.  Ann L., you stated that you did not have any, however, you were copied on
several that I was also copied on.  Henry, you wrote many of them.

This is not all that complicated, nor should there be that many emails on this subject.  RTK requests are common,
and our administration has been handling them for quite some time, even from board members.  This board needs
to understand that this is a law that we all need to comply with, and it doesn't matter who made the request or
what we think of it.  Please take them all seriously and forward any and all emails you may have on this subject to
Wendy as soon as you can.

Many thanks,