Email 2011-05-31 10:36

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To: Henry Brackett
Subject: Good Morning

Mr. Brackett,

My cell number is *REDACTED* or home at *REDACTED*

I live in *REDACTED* and retired from *REDACTED* after *REDACTED*
*REDACTED*[Superintendent in] *REDACTED*  I am
also a member of the *REDACTED* and active in the *REDACTED*

If you have an interest in an interim Superintendent, I would be
interested in speaking with you about the needs you have.  As a
retiree, I am only allowed to work 30 hours per week under the
retirement system.  I would be glad to provide references including the
*REDACTED*[last two] school board chairs if you wish.

I would be glad to have a conversation at your convenience.

Thank you,