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From: Megan Turnbull
To: Rhoades Alderson, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Henry Brackett
Subject: Draft letter responding to Oyster River Student Senate

Hi Rhoades,

Per our conversation, we have been working on a letter to respond to the high school
senate's request to not participate in graduation ceremonies.

Below are two draft letters (one attached as a doc. file ) and one cited below.  Please
take a look and let us know what would work well.  I think a combination of the two may be

Again, we would have our board chair, Henry Brackett, read aloud the letter at our June
1, Wednesday 7PM school board meeting to approve for submission to the student senate.



Dear Oyster River Senior Class,

First, congratulations on your upcoming graduation.  As Board members, community members
and parents, we are proud of your accomplishments here at Oyster River and wish you well
in your future endeavors.

Second, we wish to respond to your recent letter regarding School Board participation
in your upcoming ceremony.  Given the recent events surrounding the principal search and
its outcome, we realize that the participation of the Board at this event may cause a
potential distraction.  Your graduation ceremony is important to us and our community
and therefore we believe it is in the best interests of the community to waive the current
tradition of having a Board member pass out diplomas to students.  Instead, Board Members
will attend the ceremony to celebrate your day.

Looking ahead at the role the School Board plays in future graduations is a topic that
we would like to explore with students in the upcoming school year.  There are several
different ways that Boards paparticipate[sic] in these ceremonies and we would like to explore
together with the students how best to acknowledge this important milestone in your life
and how to develop a meaningful tradition for our district.

Best Wishes, The ORCSD School Board