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From: Megan Turnbull
To: Rhoades Alderson, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Henry Brackett
Subject: Background info including letter from Oyster River Student


I am copying both Jocelyn and our board chair, Henry Brackett, on this

Thank you for the call today.  We feel much better after talking to you.
are setting up a tentative non-meeting with our lawyer to approve
with you via NESSC on Tuesday afternoon.  Please forward your proposal
document to me prior to Tuesday afternoon, so that we can move forward
with this approval.

By Sunday, you should receive the letter draft responding to the
from Jocelyn who will also be reviewing details of our call with Henry
soon.  Again, we would need this ready for Henry to read to the board at
our 7PM Wednesday, June 1 board meeting.

Below is the original e-mail I sent Skip including the student letter.

Have a great weekend!