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From: JoAnn Portalupi
To: Henry Brackett, Wendy DiFruscio, Ann Lane, Ann Wright, Jim Kach, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Krista Butts, Megan Turnbull, Susan Holak, Howard Colter
Subject: Re: Please Forward to the Board

Dear Henry,

To be clear, I wasn't making a Right-to-Know request.  I understand this was not a regular
Board meeting.  I inquired because I was concerned to hear there was possible trouble
regarding conduct of school board members.  Each of you serves to represent the public,
and as a result,  the public appropriately has a right to learn if board behavior is causing
problems with our employees.  The fact that this behavior continues weeks after this
meeting was held, troubles me further.  Am I to assume that you find no fault with some
of the recent behavior of your fellow board members?

I am still hopeful that you will disclose to the public the contents of this meeting, even if
you choose to do so in general terms.  If you choose no to, then I hope to hear from you
as to why you feel such information should be withheld from the community.


JoAnn Portalupi