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From: Ann Wright
To: Jim Kach, Ann Lane, Megan Turnbull
Subject: confidential

Dear Jim, Ann & Megan,

I am sending this email in two batches so I don't send to a quorum of the

Henry called me Thursday [28 April 2011] afternoon to say that he was
going to try to set up a Friday [29 April 2011] afternoon lawyers'
appointment.  He asked if I would be free, and I said I needed to be
back in time to meet the school bus; he said he was hoping to arrange a
time around 1pm.  It was my expectation that he would call me back or
email if this time worked out with the rest of the board.  As I never
heard back from him, it was my assumption that he was not able to
arrange the appointment.  When I called him last night [29 April 2011] I found that
there was a meeting and everyone attended except me.  Henry told me that
he shared my views - that I would not recommend this action, but if we
are to move forward we should do so quickly -, and I appreciate that.

I have many thoughts on this matter, and ended up not being able to sleep
last night because of this issue, as well.  I won't bore you with my
thoughts because you have all come to a decision already, and I feel that
few on this Board trust my opinion anyway (see principal search example).
However, I hope you realize that now that you in effect "voted" to move
forward, we own this vote, too.  I hope this principal search issue has
taught us all that we cannot hide behind vague statements and expect the
public to be satisfied.  Certainly if this law firm has a great deal of
experience with issues like these they will be able to truly advise the
board on how to best move forward.  It would have been my preference, as
I mentioned to Henry several times to use a law firm that specializes in
these issues.  We are in for quite a storm, and I hope we have the
support we need.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend.