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Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 11:18 PM

To: Ann Wright, Ann and Michael Lane, Megan Turnbull, Jim Kach, Jocelyn O'Quinn, Jeffrey Butts

Subject: non-meeting -confidential

Good Evening All,

We will have a non-meeting on Thursday [21 April 2011] at 5pm at the law offices of Hoefle Phoenix Gormley & Roberts,PA with attorney Daniel Hoefle. The address is 402 State Street Portsmouth, NH. The phone number of the firm is 603-436-0666. All board member have indicated they will attend with one exception, Krista. She is in New York with family. She said to go ahead with the non-meeting and I told her I would report to her. This non-meeting is to discuss with Mr. Hoefle *REDACTED* and if we agree, retain his firm to guide us through the process. He will answer any and all of your questions.



    Rt 4-east towards Portsmouth
    Go to the Portsmouth Circle
    Go3/4 round (to the 3rd exit-Rt 1 North)
    * Take ramp toward MAPLEWOOD AVE - go 0.2 mi
    * Turn right on MAPLEWOOD AVE - go 0.6 mi
    * Continue on MIDDLE ST(US-1) - go < 0.1 mi (Maplewood turns into
    Middle ST.)
    * Turn Left on STATE ST(US-1 N) - go < 0.1 mi
    * Arrive at 402 STATE ST, PORTSMOUTH, on the Right
    * call my cell phone- 397-7378 if you get lost or the firm's phone.