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From: Jim Kach
To: ????
Subject: Principal Search??


We are approaching a time of change (notice the brilliant understatement).  We are being charged, it
seems, with filling two vacancies in the immediate future.  I am of the opinion that filling the vacancy
at the high school now is truly counterproductive to the community, to the staff, and to the students
of the high school. I would move that the search committee be formed not to seek a principal but to
seek a new superintendent first.  Thus presenting the new superintendent the ability to have a voice in
the hiring of a principal with whom he or she can create a productive and stable relationship.

We have experienced and capable administrative personnel within the district who should be able to
move into the position of interim or provisional principal until such time that a new principal be hired
with the involvement of the new superintendent rather than the outgoing Mr. Colter.