German v. Town of Rye, Doc. No. 218-2011-CV-348 (Rockingham Super. Ct., April 6, 2011) (Nadeau, J.)

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The State of New Hampshire


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Cherie German v. Town of Rye

The plaintiff brings this action under the right to know law seeking to enjoin the Town from relying on the notice they issued for a Planning Board meeting on April 12, 2011.

After considering the pleadings and arguments, the court finds the plaintiff does not have standing to challenge the notice. Even if she did have standing, the court finds the Town has complied with the Right to Know law by issuing the notice in a timely fashion.

Finally, even if the court considered the plaintiff's claim under RSA 676:4, it determines there are no procedural defects that create serious impairment of opportunity for notice and participation. Accordingly, the case is dismissed.

   4/6/11       /s/ T. Nadeau   


Presiding Justice