Jacobs v. State of New Hampshire, Doc. No. 217-2012-CV-009 (Merrimack Super. Ct., January 23, 2012) (McNamara, J.)

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The State of New Hampshire


Lisa Jacobs


State of New Hampshire, et al.

NO. 217-2012-CV-009


After hearing on January 23, 2012, the Court rules as follows:

In accordance with the agreement of the parties, this action as well as the pending action brought by the Petitioner against the same parties in the Cheshire County Superior Court are DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. Petitioner shall make specific right-to-know requests of any public body or official of the State of New Hampshire to Assistant Attorney General Anne Edwards, directly. The State of New Hampshire shall respond to each request within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request.

Pending the resolution of the claims outlined in the Petitioner's, civil action, 217-2012-CV-009, Petitioner Lisa Jacobs shall file no further requests for documents with any State official or to any State agency, and she shall file no further pleadings in this Court seeking information referenced in that civil action. Once the State's response has been provided, any action seeking further documents under RSA 91-A, the New Hampshire Constitution, or any other provision of law, shall be brought in this Court.


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DATE Richard B. McNamara,

Presiding Justice