Tardiff v. Belknap County Convention, Doc. No. 211-2016-CV-201 (Carroll Super. Ct., October 20, 2017) (Ignatius, J.)

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Carroll County Carroll Superior Court

CASE NAME:    Thomas A. Tardif v. Belknap County Convention   

CASE NUMBER:    211-2016-CV-201   

The Belknap County Convention seeks an order granting attorneys fees for costs incurred in responding to what the Convention characterizes as "frivolous" complaints that "have little or no merit." The plaintiff disagrees and the Court heard oral arguments on August 21, 2017 followed by post hearing written submissions.

The Court finds Mr. Tardif to be exacting, persistent and, at times, "nit-picking." No doubt he is a thorn in the side of governmental bodies. Although he did not prevail in his assertions in this case, the Court does not consider the claims to have been frivolous or brought for the purpose of harassment. The counterclaim for attorneys fees, therefore, is DENIED.

Mr. Tardif must understand, however, that the Court will scrutinize future filings to determine if they are brought in good faith or are filed with a purpose to harass or obstruct government operations.

So ordered.

   10/20/2017       /s/   

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Amy L. Ignatius