Changes effective 18 Jun 2012 by session law 2012, 232. Prior version was effective 26 Aug 1967 by session law 1967, 251.

91-A:2-b Meetings of the Economic Strategic Commission to Study the Relationship Between New Hampshire Businesses and State Government by Open Blogging Permitted.

I. Notwithstanding RSA 91-A:2, III, between regularly convened in-person meetings the economic strategic commission to study the relationship between New Hampshire businesses and state government, established by RSA 359-K, may meet through open blogging managed by the department of information technology, provided that the commission shall not vote, act, or decide upon any matter within its statutory charge utilizing the blog. Such blogging shall be open to the public at all times for viewing of member discussions, and the blog record shall be maintained in accordance with RSA 91-A:4, III, III-a, and III-b, except that a digital copy of the blog record shall be maintained in a permanent file, and shall be provided to any citizen upon request in accordance with RSA 91-A:4, V. Compliance with this paragraph shall satisfy the requirements of RSA 91-A:4 and of RSA 91-A:2, II relative to the use of recording devices by members of the public.

II. A meeting of such legislative study commission pursuant to the authority of this section shall satisfy the notice requirements of RSA 91-A:2, II by placing a notice of use of the blog in each legislative calendar during the term of the commission, on the general court's website at the web page for the commission accessed through the link for searches for statutory and study committees, and within the minutes of each in-person meeting of the commission. Each such notice shall include an e-mail and postal address to which members of the public may send comments and testimony regarding the commission's discussions on the blog.